I can still remember my first yoga class in a Tony Quinn studio in Phibsboro, in 1994 and the thrill I experienced when I moved my awareness from my head to my body. Though I was far from flexible something was triggered in me as I stretched in ways I hadn’t since being a young child. I left that class inspired and yoga has been part of my life ever since.

For me, yoga, which is the Sanskrit word for union, is a doorway to freedom offering us access to the infinite possibilities of the present moment. Yoga is also a form of movement medicine. When we practice the asanas (postures) they bring balance to our masculine and feminine sides - the right and left hemispheres of our brains.

My yoga practice changed how I related to life. It gave me the strength and confidence to birth my daughter at home and has also taught me a lot along the way. I commenced a four year Hatha Yoga Teaching Training course with the Irish Yoga Association in 2001 graduating in 2004 and have been practicing and teaching yoga in one form or another ever since. However during my yoga teacher training I pushed my body too hard thinking that when I got myself to sitting in lotus position I would be as good as enlightened. I hadn’t learned to listen to my body at that stage and so I sat in lotus before my hips were ready.

It was then I learned the hard way that I had got it wrong. Instead of becoming enlightened, I badly injured my knee. It took me over a year to heal it and in the process I saw how caught by my ego I had been. How it is the journey and not the destination that is important. My major healing happened when I came home to wholeheartedly accepting and appreciating myself exactly as I am. This is the attitude with which I practice now. Listening to my body’s wisdom and my own inner teacher has transformed my life. Each time I step onto my yoga mat and allow the soft animal of my body freedom to stretch, release and restore I give gratitude for the mystery and miracle of life of which I am part.

Anam Árainn yoga draws from my experience and training in Hatha, Iyengar, Sivananda, Kundalini, Vinyasa, Shadow, Yoni Shakti, Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra.

I have trained with Senior teachers from a variety of yoga lineages in Ireland, India and Thailand, over the past twenty years.

Some of the teachers I have trained with include:
Aishling Guirke, Ireland’s most Senior Iyengar Yoga teacher
Uma Dinsmore-Tuili – author and founder of Womb Yoga
Shandor Remete – founder of Shadow Yoga
Donna Holleman – author and founder of Centred Yoga
Anne Leonard – founder of Bikram Yoga in Ireland

Yoga Classes:

Tuesday Evenings: 7:30pm

Thursday Mornings: 10am

Investment €15

Drop-ins welcome, please phone in advance: 083 3353609

Classes run approximately 90 minutes.