My deepest wish is to live from an open heart and to open hearts and this is the bedrock of Anam Árainn, which translates as soul of Árainn. The journey to Árainn is itself a rite of passage, an opportunity to leave behind the weight of the past we carry on our shoulders.

Anam Árainn Retreats and workshops combine what I have learned from my shamanic apprenticeship using the Native American Medicine wheel as a navigation tool alongside my yoga and meditation practice. During retreats we visit some of the island’s sacred sites to experience Árainn’s wild nature and open ourselves to her deep peace.

Anam Árainn aims to facilitate the journey home to our own souls, helping us uncover the Golden Buddha that resides within us, providing a safe space where we can heal and come home to ourselves and the unique gift we have to offer the world.

It took me over 20 years of vision quests and ceremony to come to this realisation. I fell flat on my face trying to go where I wanted numerous times until I realised that it is the journey and not the destination that is important.

As Zen Master Lin Chi put it, nothing to do, nowhere to go.

Living on Árainn I have learned that the Earth is always at peace, how even when Atlantic storms roar, peace is present, waiting to be drunk from the pure waters of holy wells.

Gazing into the pool of reflection we discover for ourselves that the present moment is our point of power and that peace is ever present when we dive beneath the machinations of our mind maze.

I pray that all who attend Anam Árainn classes and retreats leave with their hearts wider open having strengthened their creative fire and connected to their inner wisdom; that we continue to let go of the blockages in our bodies and the habitual patterns of our minds that prevent us from opening to the miracle of life.

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