Jacinta Carey

I have learned that it is the journey and not the destination that is important. Each breath a new beginning, an opportunity to whole-heartedly surrender to the mystery and miracle of life.

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  • Karen Christenson – Boston, U.S.A.
    Beth Ann and I attended a retreat with you in August. It was the most amazing time for me! I came home changed! And I am still changing. Ireland did it to me, you did it to me, I think I was changing subtlety back home. But you and Ireland made it happen to me all the way. I just want to thank you. You are a healer!
    Karen Christenson – Boston, U.S.A.
  • Enda Gill - Árainn
    Jacinta’s yoga class is inspirational. It motivates me to have a positive attitude to my life.
    Enda Gill - Árainn
  • Maggie Seoighe - Árainn
    Being on an island it is difficult to have all the facilities that are available on the mainland. Having Jacinta here to do yoga for us truly is a blessing. She is kind and compassionate and always has time for you.
    Maggie Seoighe - Árainn
  • Bernie Dawson - Árainn
    Jacinta's class is an interesting mix of challenging and relaxing, physical and spiritual, formative and fun. All aspects of yogic well-being are addressed in an holistic manner. You are guaranteed to leave feeling wonderfully refreshed - about yourself and about life.
    Bernie Dawson - Árainn